Environmental Consulting Services
Environmental Consulting Services
- Feasibility studies;
- Preparation of environmental Screening report;
- Preparation of environmental Scoping report;
- Development of Environmental Impact Framework Document;
- Environmental impact assessment; 
- Environmental risk assessment;
- Evaluation of alternatives including technical and environmental alternatives;
- Impact mitigation planning;
- Preparation of climate changes assessment document;
- Preparation of climate risk assessment document;
- Biodiversity surveys and development of recommendations and plans for reinstatement of disturbed areas
- Development of environmental management and monitoring plans;
- Waste management consultancy;
- Waste management plan; Environmental pollution prevention plan; Oil spill plan; Emergency response plan; Reinstatement, anti-erosion and landscaping plan;
- Environmental monitoring, auditing and environmental supervision of construction activities;
- Preparation of environmental Monitoring and Audit Reports for Construction activities;
- Conducting final (post-construction) environmental compliance audit and preparation of final environmental audit report;
- Legal services in the environmental field.