Goals and Objectives
Goals and Objectives

The aim and objective of the company


Ltd. “Eco-Spectri” is the centre for independent international certification and consultation which   has been operating since 2008 on social and environment protection issues both in Georgia and outside it. The aim of the centre is to strengthen ecological and social security, economic sustainability and democratic development.

 We strongly believe that existence of the society based on democratic principles significantly depends on the quality of ecological and social security and sustainability of the security sector as well as involvement and transparency of citizens at the stage of decision making of significant issues.

                                                                                                            Main principles of our activity are: 

Ltd. “Eco-Spectri” is a non-political organization which is independent and retains complete transparency in issues of governance and funding; 
Ltd. “Eco-Spectri” carries out activities within the scope of all projects in accordance with the following requirements developed by the company:
1. Code of Conduct;
2. Anti-corruption policy;
3. quality management policy; 
4. Environment protection policy; 
Ltd. “Eco-Spectri” team of international experts is ready to take part in the process of meeting the environmental and social challenges of developing countries through the experience of various countries and using the economically acceptable best practice. 
Ltd. “Eco-Spectri” cooperates with both state structures and other interested parties and is focused on long-term and sustainable solutions using innovation approaches and technologies developed by the world’s leading countries; 
Ltd. “Eco-Spectri” strives to establish close and business relations with worldwide consultation organizations for exchanging ideas and working jointly.