Kolga Tbilisi Photo 2018
Within the framework of Kolga Tbilisi Photo 2018, with the financial support of Eco-Spectrum Ltd, Ana Kacheishvili's photo exhibition was held at Artarea Gallery - „Grant me a Visa and I’ll shoot...!“
My American dream started when my uncle held me up with ears. This dream was changing its color and shape every year, was becoming bigger. Most of my friends live there. I’ve traveled with them in different Americas in thoughts. America - diverse andinfinite. I tried going there but returned with a refusal twice from the embassy. Several years ago my friend told me: “Don’t worry,you’ll definitely arrive here. Tomorrow I’ll go out in Time square and you’ll see me with a street camera.” Those cameras were a huge discovery for me that time. I liked them so much that every evening and at free time I turned on the computer. By the help of this camera, I used to watch american life, streets, cities. I used to observe american people, was looking for acquaintances. America is a rhythm. There’s a lot of energy and music in the air. Maybe this longitude is the connection. Or maybe I’m mistaken? No one knows. My dream didnot come true, but I captured America from my house. Grant me a Visa and I’ll shoot!